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KOTOR gets downloadable content

PC extras now available to Xbox owners.

Remember how Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was meant to have downloadable content on Xbox Live? Remember how it came out on September 12th last year, and all we heard from the developer was that we'd get something after the PC version launched? Well you can finally unplug that section of your brain, because yesterday evening the fabled downloadable content finally launched.

According to BioWare, who of course developed the game for LucasTards [He's still upset -Ed], the Xbox version's downloadable content consists of the extras that made it into the PC version of KOTOR, i.e. the Yavin Station section. In the words of a BioWare tester on the developer's forums, "It is not intended to fix bugs or contain a truckload of new material ala an expansion pack."

BioWare has recently come under fire from its devoted fans on the same forum, who believe the developer hasn't done enough to justify the presence of the "Xbox Live" symbol on the box. The other side of the argument being that Xbox Live downloadable content - which is how it's specified on the back of the box of course - is an added bonus, and no guarantee of ongoing support and new features.

So, how do you feel about this sort of behaviour? Should Microsoft be concerned about "middling" DLC offerings devaluing the Xbox Live brand? And is it enough for BioWare to deliver content made for the PC version to Xbox users who bought its game first, and perhaps even bought a whole new console in order to facilitate this?

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