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Team Sabre competition winners

Everyone's a winner baby! Except you. And you. And you. And... you.

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Having rattled our Team Sabre competition to its very foundations, it turns out that 99 per cent of our readership can distinguish Somalia from the new road-widening/40mph disaster zone erected around Junctions 14-18 on the M25. Congratulations. However there were only ever going to be five winners walking away with copies of Black Hawk Down and Team Sabre, and only two of them were ever going to... Let's start again: five of you have won goodies. Two of the five also get 12" Black Hawk Down action figures, which could well be modelled on Ewan McGregor for all we know. And it is now time to reveal who won what. Drums please!

Paul Batson! Gareth Beverley! You are our Super Ultimate Funtime Party Winners for the week, and will shortly be receiving giddy emails confirming that you've won copies of Black Hawk Down and Team Sabre, and the 12" BHD action figures. Well done. Eric Davis! Daniel Miller! Chris Houghton! You three are our Super Turbo Party Also Winners, which means copies of Black Hawk Down and Team Sabre for you. Check your inboxes, little men (bad luck, girls), and get ready for me to shoot you happy.

Aaand if you didn't win anything this time, you could of course take part in this week's competition - offering you the chance to win a copy of marvellous PC multiplayer title Savage: The Battle for Newerth.

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