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DICE artist releases Battlefield Vietnam map

Freebies before the game's even out - that's classy.

Battlefield Vietnam has just been released in the US, and it'll be on store shelves in Europe this Friday, so it's fair to say this is one of the nippiest bits of map creation we've seen in a while. A chap called Marc Brassard has apparently cooked up a free multiplayer-only map for BF Vietnam called Valley Assault - a little more understandable when you realise that Marc is one of Digital Illusions' artists. Aha: cheat!

You can download Marc's effort here as usual, and it sounds rather interesting. It is something else to do once you've finished with all the maps in the box at the very least, although as you can probably tell we haven't even started on those yet. Where's our copy, Mr. Electronic Arts? Eh? Don't you love us any more?

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