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Solar movie flares up

Check out the first footage of Brat Design's new FPS.

Following hard on the heels of the first batch of screenshots comes this 35-second video trailer of Brat Design's work-in-progress FPS which can be downloaded from here (as Brat Design's own website appears to be down at present).

The clip is a mere 11.4MB, and sadly gives little away about the gameplay, consisting entirely of different shots of a chopper flying over a shattered, futuristic landscape. The brand new Mercury II engine certainly looks promising, though, and we'll be following Solar's progress in due course. Check out Tom's lengthy news story on what we know about the game so far.

Meanwhile, Brat's debut project, the long-awaited Breed, appears to be finished (it's out in Germany, for a start), and we'll bring you a long-overdue review once those fine people at CDV furnish us with code. Hint.

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