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Eidos CEO confirms plans to extend Hitman series

They want another hit after this one, man.

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Following news of Eidos' financials and the publisher's acquisition of IO Interactive, CEO Mike McGarvey responded to questions from investors in a conference call this week by confirming that Hitman: Contracts, the third instalment in the esteemed clean-'em-up series, will be released on target this April, and that another sequel is inevitable.

"We have the new Hitman that we'll release this April," he said yesterday, "and we'll come back with another iteration next fiscal year. So we will have another Hitman for next fiscal year in the late spring," he added.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin has enjoyed massive success since it launched on the PS2 Platinum and Xbox Classics budget labels, following reasonable sales when it launched on PS2/Xbox/PC and latterly GameCube. A quick glance at the charts this week reveals it's still No.12 in the budget Top 40, No.12 in the PS2 budget rankings and No.16 in the overall Xbox Top 20, as Xbox doesn't have its own distinct budget and full price listings. As such, it's hardly surprising that Eidos is vesting so much interest in the developer and the series, and we'd fully expect the third Hitman title to be a strong contender for top spot when it launches in April...

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