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Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer demo sneaks up on us

One map, one mode, two teams, sixty megs.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As promised by Ubisoft, the Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow multiplayer demo has crept out from the shadows and nestled itself in reach of your probing mouse cursors.

The demo weighs in at a relatively slender 60.8MB and consists of a single map (Mount Hospital) playable in "Neutralisation" mode. Neutralisation, since you ask, has Shadownet spies on a mission to find and neutralise hazardous units, while Argus mercenaries are trying to defend them.

PC fans thinking of giving this a miss and buy the game instead would of course do well to remember that their version isn't out until next Friday, April 2nd, although the Live-enabled Xbox version will be released in Europe tomorrow.

Oh, and if you missed it the first time, the link above also includes a download location for the one-level single-player demo released at the beginning of last week. Between the two of them you should be able to get a decent feel for the game, which has been picking up fairly encouraging pre-release reviews from the specialist press.

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