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Sony ties up Guerrilla deal

ShellShock: Nam '67 is just a blip - everything else is now destined for PS2 exclusivity.

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Sony loves Killzone. A PS2 exclusive developed by Dutch firm Guerrilla Games, it's already being hailed as a "Halo beater". And that's just by the press. Never mind what the PR folks think.

Sony obviously recognises the value of this sort of hype, too, as the platform holder has just announced a new deal with Guerrilla Games, which will tie its releases exclusively to PS2 from now on. This ought to iron out any multi-platform worries Sony was harbouring after Eidos announced ShellShock: Nam '67 earlier this year for PS2, Xbox and PC - another game being handled by Guerrilla and, it has to be said, another game that looks and sounds mighty impressive.

"This strategic alliance with one of Europe's hottest new creative and technical talents shows our determination to only work with the best, whether they are our in-house or not," Sony's executive veepee of development Phil Harrison said today. Certainly does, Phil - amongst other things anyway...

"Killzone not only is a very important title for us but is also a great example of what can be done when a publisher and a developer partner closely together on a project," he continued. "The results shout for themselves and I am delighted that our production and creative teams can work even more closely with Guerrilla going forward."

Going forward a bit ourselves, we're told to expect a hands-on with Killzone at this year's E3 conference in LA. We're going to be busy bunnies this year, eh?

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