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Criminal multiplayer options in Luxoflux's True Crime

New PC screens show off things like fighting, racing, and rocket launchers for four players. True.

Luxoflux's True Crime is on its way to the PC in the next few months, and one of the key additions is multiplayer modes. Hardly surprising really, given that it's overflowing with street racing and beat-'em-up bits. What is perhaps surprising though is that it'll be one of the first Grand Theft Alsos to bother with multiplayer - unless you've dabbled in the user-made Multi Theft Auto mod for the PC Rockstar titles, that is. But we digress.

True Crime's multiplayer action is split over several modes and supports up to four players, and Activision has just released a batch of screenshots showing some of them in action. There's the Fast And The Furious inspired street racing mode, which consists of waypoint races through the streets of Los Angeles, with options to turn on traffic and guns. Then there's Dojo Master, which involves hand-to-hand fighting, and the less restrictive Battle Master, which involves hand and gun-related combat. That last screen also shows off one of the new PC-specific weapons, the rocket launcher.

Since it's a PC title, the new True Crime also introduces some character-skinning options, allowing you to dress up at Rikamaru from Tenchu, Officer Dick from Tony Hawk and a handful of Activision-themed alternatives, all of which can be unlocked by scouting around the single-player game map and keeping an eye out for a hidden icons.

All of which sounds extremely generic and unexciting, we feel sure you'll agree. But at least it's something to keep you going once you topple the not-exactly-epic single-player adventure, which, assuming you've toppled both Grand Theft Auto titles, ought to be well worth the effort.

Expect to hear more about True Crime PC as it draws closer to release...

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