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Need For Speed Underground sequel named?

EA buys a suspicious domain name.

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Ahem. Yes. Well. I was going to mention this on Friday, but I got a little sidetracked watching Kristan play Transformers Armada. You understand. Anyway, the point is that Electronic Arts registered the domain name "" on January 27th, and of course following Need For Speed Underground's bizarrely long reign at the top of the UK Charts, lots of folk are running around flapping their hands in the air or decked out in inconceivable mini-skirts stroking beastly automobiles while Vin Diesel prowls around growling at rookies. You NEVER had me. Or something.

What was I talking about again? Ah yes, the new Need For Speed. Well, I spoke to EA UK last Friday, and as ever a spokesman declined to comment as the publisher is "still focusing on NFSU" (fair enough, it's still fifth in the charts). That said, he hardly needed to confirm it - if EA doesn't make another Need For Speed game after the success of Underground, it'll mark a policy shift equivalent to George Bush waking up one morning, rolling over and whispering "Laura, I'm a bit bored of Christianity, let's try this Islam lark."

So, is Need For Speed: Most Wanted the name of the next Need For Speed title? Sure! Why not! Either way we're bound to hear about it either at E3 in May, or at an EA press event later in the year, and we'll put money on Black Box handling development.

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