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Beyond Divinity demo released

In our dictionary, "divinise" is just beyond "divinity", but that's probably not what they're getting at.

Belgian developer Larian Studios has released a 168MB demo of Divine Divinity not-a-sequel Beyond Divinity. And, rather refreshingly, the demo is apparently available in English and German (although there are no mirrors for the German version yet). The full list of mirrors will be updated here in due course.

If you're a bit wary of 168MB demos, in Divinity's case you can probably make an exception. If I remember correctly, the Divine Divinity demo was absolutely massive compared to its contemporaries, and by the sound of it this time we've also been given a massive chunk of the first act of this "extension of the Divinity universe", which apparently shows the Death Knight and your character being soul-forged together and planning their escape from the Nemesis universe. Well obviously!

It also marks the first time the spruced up Divinity engine has been shown off the public outside screenshots, and it sounds like the developer is just as curious about it as anybody else.

"I'm really curious to see how people will react to the demo," project leader Swen Vincke said last week. "We've been getting quite some positive feedback from the people we showed it to, but you of course never know what the general public, and our fans in particular, will think. I for one will be strapped to my PC come March 3rd as the first reactions pop up on our forums." Forums, eh? This'll be them.

As you may have gathered from the "extension of the Divinity universe" bit, Larian doesn't regard Beyond Divinity as a sequel. An item in the game's FAQ deals with the issue of "Divinity 2" like so: "While we have not made any announcements, we are committed to expanding the Divinity universe. So yes, there will be a Divinity 2." Divine Divinity not-sequel Beyond Divinity should be out in April.

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