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The Movies - all your questions answered

Extensive Q&A goes live.

Lionhead has kindly gone to the effort of posting a massive FAQ for its forthcoming multi-platform god sim The Movies, another game to fuel the megalomaniac in all of us, and due for release via Activision whenever Peter Molyneux's been forced to stop coming up with 14 new ideas he wants to implement today.

In a whistle stop tour of the best bits of the FAQ, there won't be demo, you can write your own scripts or choose one, you can upload your movies and compete for the Stanley award, movies can be between 30 seconds and three minutes long, you can do your own voiceovers, it's modable, there will be set/props for download, and no, they don't say when it’ll be out, but "sometime later this year" is the official line for now.

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