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GDC: Zelda director confirms Wind Waker sequel will appear at E3

Eiji Aonuma confirms The Wind Waker 2 will be at E3 and talks about Zelda DS during his presentation on the evolution of the Zelda franchise.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker director Eiji Aonuma yesterday confirmed in his GDC presentation what we told you on Monday: that we will hear a good deal about "Wind Waker " at E3 this May, where it is expected to take centre stage alongside Metroid Prime 2.

During his presentation, "The Evolution of a Franchise: The Legend of Zelda," Aonuma showed a timeline listing "The Wind Waker 2" for GameCube (and an ambiguous "2XXX" release date), and didn't shy away from elaborating on it as he summed up a point about the cel-shading 2.5d approach seen in The Wind Waker.

"With this new expressive quality, and with the upcoming release unique Nintendo DS system, I think we'll see more changes coming to the franchise," he told delegates, "the likes of which we can talk more about at this year's E3, when we'll also talk about development with the Wind Waker 2."

The implication that Nintendo DS may benefit from a Zelda title is also interesting news, although hardly surprising. After all, what would a Nintendo platform be without a Zelda title? ... It'd be a Virtual Boy! (Ooonly joking, Ninty fans.)

Still, quotes are just quotes. What you want is an on-the-fly English translation of Aonuma's presentation, and Planet GameCube has just such a recording available elsewhere on the interweb - well worth a listen if you're a Zelda fan. In fact well worth listening to if you're any sort of gamer.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2 - or at least a Zelda sequel - was originally confirmed as part of a three-game announcement late last year alongside Donkey Konga and Wario Ware for GameCube - back when the word "Megaton" was being attached to just about anything with a pulse.

At the time, we were told to expect the game by the end of 2004, although whether that's still the release estimate is anyone's guess. We're willing to bet Europe won't see a Wind Waker sequel until early 2005 based on Nintendo's previous behaviour in the region...

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