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X2: The 1.3 Patch

New ship! Modder's kit! And... mumble-mumble. What was that? Oh, bug fixes.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Deep Silver sends word of a new 1.3 patch for X2: The Threat, which updates the game with a wealth of new features and presumably requisite bug fixes. Amongst the highlights in 1.3 are a secret star ship (called the Teladi M6) and the "Modder's Kit", which includes tools and documentation allowing fans to customise the game universe.

The note we're reading says the patch is only available to registered users from the Egosoft website, although judging by its presence on 3D Gamers that's no longer true. 3DG also has the readme file, which contains an exhaustive list of improvements, fixes and other bits and bobs.

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