November 2015 Archive

    1. Mighty No. 9 game modes shown off in new trailer
    2. Here's your first look at Star Wars Battlefront's Battle of Jakku add-on
    3. Rainbow Six Siege is like a hardcore Home Alone
    4. Microsoft, Square Enix "very happy" with Rise of the Tomb Raider, despite reported sales
    5. Grand Theft Auto 5 mod overhauls visuals and gameplay
    6. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters review
    7. Dreamfall Chapters emerges from rough patch better than ever
    8. Sony unlocks more CPU power for PS4 game developers
    9. Xenoblade Chronicles X downloadable data packs cut load times
    10. Metal Gear Solid 5 community responds to nuclear disarmament call
    11. See the first-person cooperative Avengers game that never materialised
    12. Rocket League gets free Portal DLC tomorrow
    13. Better than Halo?
    1. Google Nexus 5X review
    2. Video: The games within games that could have ruined everything
    3. Takahashi's castle: An RPG master's journey from Final Fantasy to Xenoblade
    4. Shufflepuck Cafe was a riotous dive of scum and villainy
    1. Face-Off: Beyond: Two Souls on PS4
    2. Watch: What makes for a memorable boss fight?
    1. The Crew: Wild Run review
    2. PSN struggling under the weight of Black Friday
    3. Reporting on the Xbox 360: stories from behind the scenes
    4. Burnout studio Criterion helped make Star Wars Battlefront's Speeders
    5. Free-to-play version of PES 2016 announced
    6. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 has finally been updated
    7. Xbox 360 at 10: Conquering Crackdown's Pacific City
    8. Now you can be Frog Mario in Super Mario Maker
    9. PlayStation 4 Remote Play headed to PC and Mac
    10. Xbox 360 at 10: Chasing 1000G in Halo 3
    11. I am the only person in this office who doesn't play Destiny
    1. New Arkham Knight PC patch doesn't solve underlying issues
    2. Watch: Bloodborne's The Old Hunters is too hard for me
    3. Rainbow Six: Siege open beta delayed
    4. Xbox 360 at 10: Gaming's golden age
    5. Xbox 360 at 10: Major Nelson, voice of a generation
    6. Xbox 360 at 10: Super Meat Boy's retro foresight
    7. Xbox 360 at 10: How XBLA changed the industry forever
    8. Xbox 360 at 10: The touching dreams of Lost Odyssey
    9. Xbox 360 at 10: Geometry Wars and the doors of perception
    10. Xbox 360 at 10: Gears of War versus Tool
    11. Xbox 360 at 10: The brilliance of the 360's dashboard
    12. Project Cars' new DLC might be its best yet
    13. Why I love Fallout 4's skeletons
    14. PES 2016 finally gets latest transfers on 3rd December
    15. Jon Hare cancels Sociable Soccer Kickstarter
    16. Modders are remaking Fallout 1 in Fallout New Vegas
    17. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival review
    18. Face-Off: Star Wars Battlefront vs Return of the Jedi
    19. Steam Thanksgiving sale goes big on Star Wars
    20. Fez gets a Physical Deluxe edition three-and-a-half years later
    21. Destiny King's Fall raid to get harder with new challenge mode
    22. How to power and program your Fallout 4 settlements like a pro
    1. Gauntlet and King's Quest are your PS4 PS Plus December games
    2. Glimpses of Total War: Warhammer's stylish campaign map in new trailer
    3. Dying Light's next DLC is so big Techland is raising the price
    4. Codemasters re-focuses on racing games as it closes Battle Decks studio
    5. Preserving the past: why emulation matters
    6. Dead or Alive Facebook page says Xtreme 3 won't head west
    7. Gabe Newell invests in bizarre cooking startup, has cameo in ad
    8. EA DICE promises new Star Wars Battlefront maps and Star Cards for free
    9. Divekick's final character is The Fencer from Nidhogg
    10. Shakedown Hawaii is the follow-up to Retro City Rampage
    11. PS4 shoots through 30m sales mark
    12. Star Wars: Battlefront's Battle of Jakku DLC introduces Turning Point mode
    1. Watch: Johnny and Aoife play Slender: The Arrival
    2. Fallout 4 costumes coming to Rock Band 4
    3. Thief free on Xbox One via Games with Gold in December
    4. Total War goes medieval with Attila expansion Age of Charlemagne
    5. Huge 9GB patch paves the way for Bloodborne's expansion
    6. Bloodborne's two planned DLC packs have been combined in the epic The Old Hunters
    7. Here's how you'll access Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC
    8. Star Wars: Battlefront looks even better with Toddyhancer mod
    9. New GOG sale finally offers juicy Witcher 3 discount
    10. Heroes vs Villains is much more than Star Wars Battlefront filler
    11. Donkey Kong diva denied in Cartoon Network depiction lawsuit
    12. Killing Floor 2 developer defends decision to add microtransactions
    13. The new characters steal the show in Invisible, Inc: Contingency Plan
    14. Rejoice! Noby Noby Boy's Girl has finally reached Pluto
    15. 50 vs 50 FPS Squad hits Steam Early Access next month
    16. Killer Instinct's Shadow Jago out in December
    17. Destiny gives you a two-player dance if you refer a friend
    18. Just Cause 3 PC system specs leaked
    19. Here's what's in Fallout 4's first PC patch
    1. Shigesato Itoi on why Mother 4 is "totally impossible"
    2. Star Wars Battlefront review
    3. Star Wars Battlefront Easter egg references classic Stormtrooper blooper
    4. Futurama to be resurrected as a mobile game
    5. Watch: Tips for mastering Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron mode
    6. Destiny bringing forward more Year One exotics
    7. Star Wars Battlefront biggest ever Star Wars game launch in UK
    8. Telltale confirms Games of Thrones season two
    9. Payday 2 developer apologises after paid-for boosts blowup
    10. Fallout 4 base builders are using mods to create incredible settlements
    11. StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void's campaign is entertaining, but not quite excellent
    12. Fallout 4 players use console commands and mods to uncover cool secrets
    1. Face-Off: Star Wars: Battlefront
    2. Behold Lyst: The Nordic game jam on romance, love and sex
    3. Watch: Tips for mastering Fallout 4's wasteland
    4. Eurogamer's PS2 emulation wishlist
    1. Keith Stuart on AI, acting and the weird future of open-world games
    2. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PS4's PlayStation 2 emulation
    3. Performance Analysis: PlayStation 2 emulation on PS4
    4. Watch: Are we getting tired of re-releases?
    5. 3D Realms' Bombshell release date delayed until January
    6. Gravity Rush Remastered release date falls forward one week
    1. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's Afterbirth DLC unlikely for handhelds, Wii U
    2. No flash or daily deals during Steam autumn, winter sales
    3. Afro Samurai 2 pulled from sale as developer brands game a "failure"
    4. Britsoft: An Oral History is comprehensive and fun
    5. The best Star Wars Battlefront plays so far
    6. Xbox 360 turns 10: tales from composing Kameo
    7. Matchmaking, microtransactions and Street Fighter's comeback: Yoshi Ono on V
    8. EGX 2016 returns to Birmingham NEC next September
    9. Kudo Tsunoda moves from Xbox to Windows apps role
    10. Resident Evil 6 PS4 and Xbox One listings spotted on Korean ratings board
    11. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 is heading to PC next month
    12. Cyberpunk adventure Read Only Memories confirmed for PS4 and Vita
    1. Fallout 4 beta patch due next week on PC
    2. World of Tanks PS4 open beta dated for December
    3. Discovering Hearthstone's League of Explorers
    4. Minecraft: Story Mode Episode Three due next week
    5. Hard West review
    6. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare heads to PS4, Xbox One next month
    7. Rock Band 4's getting a big update in December
    8. Looks like Halo 5 microtransactions are doing the business for Microsoft
    9. Beyond: Two Souls gets new PlayStation 4 version next week
    10. Watch: Lara Croft and I wouldn't be friends
    11. Activision admits mistakes in GAME Black Ops 3 Nuketown saga
    12. Konami to give PES 2016 owners UEFA Euro 2016 content free
    13. Does Football Manager have an injury problem?
    14. Telltale's Game of Thrones: Season One review
    15. Xbox Preview Programme members rewarded with ninja cat
    16. Fancy pants iPhone 6S game Warhammer 40K: Freeblade out today
    17. How to take Fallout 4 base building to the next level
    18. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash review
    1. Don't Starve: Shipwrecked dated for December on Early Access
    2. Monstrous 2v2 multiplayer game Push Me Pull You announced for PS4
    3. Rainbow Six Siege open beta kicks off next week
    4. First raid arrives in Guild Wars 2, off to a promising start
    5. Get one of 500 keys for the Paladins closed beta
    6. Face-Off: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
    7. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided delayed to August 2016
    8. Oh no! Darkest Dungeon coming to PS4 and Vita in spring
    9. Fallout 4 encumbrance: how to lighten the load
    10. Green Man Gaming will now tell you where game keys come from
    11. Crytek's Back to Dinosaur Island VR game is on Steam
    12. Brilliant Fallout 4 mod shows you exactly what your character will say during dialogue
    13. Don't Google it: What number EverQuest expansion do you think we're now on?
    14. Sega unveils a new Valkyria Chronicles, and a remaster of the original
    15. Yo-Kai Watch probably isn't a Pokémon killer
    16. The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is now free
    17. Now you can learn code while playing Minecraft
    18. I wore the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy for a week
    1. Why I'm tired of Fallout 4 encumbrance
    2. Tech Analysis: Rise of the Tomb Raider
    3. Now there's a special edition gold Mega Man Amiibo
    4. StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void launches same day as Fallout 4, emerges unscathed
    5. Performance Analysis: Star Wars: Battlefront
    6. Rayman Legends-style mobile spin-off arrives next month
    7. Funcom horror The Park will leap onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
    8. Ancel dividing time 50-50 between Wild and Ubisoft
    9. Lego Dimensions players discover two secret areas devoted to cartoon classics
    10. Watch: The worst jobs we've had in games
    11. Zombi to get boxed release for PC, PS4, Xbox One
    12. Football Manager 2016 review
    13. Pillars of Eternity White March Part 2 gets a release date
    14. Microtransactions sneak into Forza Motorsport 6
    15. It looks like Minecraft is finally coming to Wii U
    16. GoldenEye designer reveals long-lost sandbox prototype Game Zero
    17. Miyamoto suggested GoldenEye end with Bond shaking hands with all his enemies in a hospital
    18. Jade Raymond building "Assassin's Creed-style game" for EA
    19. All Star Wars Battlefront's blasters, Traits, Star Cards revealed
    1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Nuketown map has a Doctor Who Easter egg
    2. Watch: Sorry, but you can't kill the Ewoks in Star Wars: Battlefront
    3. Mass Effect fans think they've discovered the name of Andromeda's main character
    4. Sony responds to claim PS4 used for terrorist communications
    5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 review
    6. Why is Star Wars Battlefront a PEGI 16?
    7. Need for Speed's first big update will fix one of players' biggest bugbears
    8. Star Wars Battlefront feels like a return to the GoldenEye era
    9. SNES game Super Star Wars out on PS4/Vita this week
    10. Xenoblade Chronicles X's English version ditches breast slider
    11. Fallout 3 shows Xbox One backward compatibility at its best
    12. Fresh Star Fox Zero footage shows graphical upgrades
    13. Star Wars Battlefront £40 Season Pass contents partially revealed
    14. Fallout 4 tops UK chart, launch sales 200% up on New Vegas
    1. Fallout 4 mods are already changing the game in cool ways
    2. Watch: Lara Croft is a terrible archaeologist
    3. Another World: the eccentricities of Eric Chahi
    4. Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox 360
    5. Metal Gear Solid 4: Rinse, repeat, resolve?
    1. Face-Off: Fallout 4
    2. Xenoblade Chronicles X might yet have 2015's most impressive open world
    3. Watch: What makes for a great open-world game?
    4. Exploring the peculiar magic of screenshots
    1. Sonic Twitter account taken over by Dr. Eggman
    2. SXSW adds Online Harassment Summit after canceling panels due to threats
    3. My favourite thing about about Star Wars Battlefront? The death animations
    4. EA details UFC 2, cover star revealed as Ronda Rousey
    5. Bethesda shipped 12m copies of Fallout 4 for launch
    6. Macmillan Cancer Support announces 24-hour gaming marathon
    7. Rebels now have an easier time of it in Star Wars Battlefront's Walker Assault mode
    8. Invisible, Inc. is brilliant, and free on Steam this weekend
    9. Performance Analysis: Fallout 4
    10. Payday 2's latest update has players in uproar all over again
    11. Atari delays RollerCoaster Tycoon World
    12. What it's like to play Star Wars Battlefront solo
    13. Watch 13 seconds of new The Legend of Zelda Wii U footage
    14. Microsoft is chucking snow at people strung up on a billboard to promote Tomb Raider
    15. Star Fox Zero now set for April
    16. Arnie is in a new free-to-play mobile game
    17. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is real, launches in March
    18. One of Battlefield 2's best maps is coming to Battlefield 4
    19. Steam Link and Steam Controller don't work with Macs - yet
    20. Rodea The Sky Soldier review
    21. Female Link, Linkle, confirmed for Hyrule Warriors Legends
    1. Here's your first look at the new Splatoon update
    2. Final Fantasy 7's Cloud confirmed for Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U
    3. Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow headed to 3DS Virtual Console
    4. Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass detailed
    5. Life is Strange is getting a Limited Edition retail release
    6. System Shock remake is in development
    7. Friday the 13th multiplayer game pits seven counselors against Jason
    8. Watch: Ian play the full version of Star Wars: Battlefront
    9. Rock Band 4 PS4 owners won't get missing DLC tracks until early December
    10. "The new Xbox One dashboard is the next step, not the final step"
    11. Watch: You can play as Darth Vader while Star Wars Battlefront installs
    12. Remember Sensible Soccer? Jon Hare returns with Sociable Soccer
    13. Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
    14. Xbox One's new dashboard rolling out now
    15. 13 years later, Relic's Impossible Creatures hits Steam
    16. What does it take to run The Witcher 3 at 1080p60?
    17. Progress to 100 is a novel fourth wall-breaking mobile puzzler
    18. There's an infinite money glitch in Fallout 4
    19. Star Wars Battlefront companion app now available
    20. You can play Black Ops 3 backwards, so we did
    1. JJ Abrams and Infinity Blade developer team up for espionage strategy Spyjinx
    2. Face-Off: Need for Speed
    3. Getting started with Fallout 4 base building
    4. £270 Borderlands: Handsome Collection edition returns with top hat and moustache
    5. Black Ops 3 bucks Call of Duty's recent sales decline with $550m launch
    6. Free and upcoming Warhammer Vermintide content revealed
    7. I wish WOW's new demon hunters didn't have to be elves
    8. How Twitch viewers can change your Rise of the Tomb Raider game
    9. So, how much do Steam Machines cost in the UK?
    10. Fallout 4's list of voiced player names is stuffed with pop culture references
    11. Hearthstone adds a cheeky nod to its infamous Grim Patron card
    12. Star Wars: A new hope for The Old Republic
    13. Yuji Naka recommends playing Rodea the Sky Soldier's Wii version
    1. Itagaki's Valhalla Game Studios faces trademark dispute with Valhalla Motion Pictures
    2. Rainbow Six Siege PC system requirements revealed
    3. Faster hard drives boost Xbox One Fallout 4 performance
    4. Nintendo Direct broadcast scheduled for Thursday
    5. Yes, Fallout 4 can take a while to install on PS4 and Xbox One
    6. Metal Gear Solid 5's latest update brings new tools and tricks to FOBs
    7. Konami helping to make a bionic arm for a double amputee Metal Gear Solid fan
    8. Nintendo Badge Arcade brings microtransactions to your 3DS home screen
    9. Fallout 4 review
    10. It's Fallout 4 launch day and for many GAME still hasn't delivered
    11. Looks like we missed out on a non-Lego Jurassic World game
    12. Street Fighter 5 sparks "censorship" debate
    13. Take-Two sends private investigators to GTA5 modder's home - report
    14. Chaos Reborn review
    15. We've got 350,000 free Steam games to give away
    1. Dark Souls 3 Collector's Editions leaked via United Arab Emirates retailer
    2. Watch Fallout 4's hidden mini-game parody an arcade classic
    3. Rocket League's free match mutators DLC is out now
    4. Sandbox game Life Is Feudal emerges out of Early Access next week
    5. When Boris Johnson played Oculus Rift
    6. Alien: Isolation mod removes alien
    7. Moogles confirmed for Final Fantasy 15
    8. Big Diablo 3 patch adds new areas, adds special Set Dungeons
    9. Halo 5 gets Big Team Battle very soon
    10. Xbox One list of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility games revealed
    11. Fallout 4 fans furious as GAME cancels Pip-Boy Edition pre-orders
    12. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Rise of the Tomb Raider
    13. Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"
    14. Rise of the Tomb Raider details emerge
    15. Rise of the Tomb Raider review
    16. Watch: Ian shows off Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay
    17. Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition already on eBay for up to £400
    18. Fallout 4: Next-gen or not?
    19. Surprise! Hearthstone's new League of Explorers adventure is out next week
    20. Watch: Fallout 4 base building, Cryolator finding and companion romancing
    21. PlayStation indie champion Shahid Ahmad leaving Sony
    22. DriveClub Bikes review
    23. Inside Sony's indie initiative: How the hardware giant is courting small-team talent
    24. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 tops UK chart, 91% of physical sales on PS4/Xbox One
    25. The ultra-rare PlayStation SNES console has been switched on
    26. New Star Wars Battlefront footage shows Emperor, Han, Leia and Fett being played
    27. The Banner Saga 2 won't be released in 2015 as expected
    28. There's a new Mass Effect Andromeda teaser trailer and it's voiced by Shepard
    1. Watch: We walk around the Blizzcon 2015 show floor
    2. Hard Core: A look at the original Tomb Raider games
    3. The Digital Foundry 2015 budget gaming PC guide
    1. Video: 8 bits of Fallout logic to remember for Fallout 4
    2. Watch: When should publishers stop supporting last-gen?
    3. Zoe Quinn's memoir Crash Override picked up by Ghostbusters reboot producer
    1. Helldivers is coming to Steam next month
    2. World of Warcraft: Legion release date leaked - report
    3. Cave makes its Steam debut with shmup Mushihimesama (i.e. Bug Princess)
    4. BlizzCon 2015 live report
    5. Watch: the first Warcraft trailer
    6. Activision Blizzard launches film and TV studio
    7. Take-Two cancels Borderlands Online, shuts down 2K China
    8. PS4 gets its first game prototype with Indivisible
    9. It turns out Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Nuketown map is a GAME exclusive
    10. Bethesda warns: you may need to redownload your Fallout 4 Xbox One digital pre-order
    11. Halo 5's most disliked map pulled over exploits
    12. Watch: Chris is rubbish at Ocarina of Time
    13. Cibele review
    14. Steam told off by ASA for Grand Theft Auto 5 Summer Sale kerfuffle
    15. John Lewis Man in the Moon Christmas advert has a mobile game tie-in
    16. Banner Saga board game Warbands takes to Kickstarter next week
    17. Deadly Premonition developer Swery taking health-related break
    18. Battleborn release date delayed until May
    19. Assassin's Creed Syndicate's PC system requirements revealed
    1. Rainbow Six Siege details year's worth of post-release plans
    2. Invisible, Inc. Contingency Plan DLC dated for next week
    3. Bloodborne free update will add new covenant and hunters
    4. Trine 3 gets new free stage and half off weekend sale
    5. Here's the first footage of Black Ops 3's hidden arcade game
    6. Why everyone thinks Blizzard's Overwatch is coming to console
    7. Witcher feature film planned for 2017, will begin a series
    8. Fallout 4's launch trailer is irradiated with story clues
    9. Pre-order Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 to get Mass Effect-inspired mech
    10. Watch: Fallout 4 - your guide to the nuclear apocalypse
    11. Square Enix polling Final Fantasy fans on FF15 moogles
    12. WWE 2K16 review
    13. System Shock 2, Riddick and Banished free when spending in GOG Big Fall Sale
    14. Assassin's Creed Syndicate steampunk outfits weigh in at 3.1GB on PS4
    15. Watch: Street Fighter 5's new tutorial stars young Ryu and Ken
    16. New footage of canned 2012 Star Wars game First Assault appears
    17. Assassin's Creed Syndicate sales "clearly" impacted by Unity
    18. The Fallout Pip-Boy app is out
    19. Legacy of the Void's campaign seems a fitting end to StarCraft 2
    20. Steam launches official developer-run Item Stores
    1. Need for Speed review
    2. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth patch nerfs items, will be fixed
    3. Forza 6 gets Fallout 4 cars
    4. Watch: Video game medicine is not very safe
    5. Halo 5 the "biggest Halo launch in history"
    6. Face-Off: Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition
    7. Rocket League's greatest mystery probed, still unanswered
    8. Rock Band 4 PS4 DLC no-show drama rumbles on for another week
    9. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil review
    10. Eve Online's most famous player wants to novelise its most famous war
    11. Data-miners reckon they've uncovered Street Fighter 5's DLC characters
    12. You can now buy PSN avatars on PlayStation 4
    13. It's time to go public with my most disturbing Life is Strange theory
    14. Hearthstone adds co-op battle option
    15. The new Age of Empires 2 expansion is called The African Kingdoms
    16. Blizzard will no longer report World of Warcraft subscriber numbers
    17. Splatoon originally designed with toilet travel
    18. Nearly 12 million people are still playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
    19. Konami closes LA studio responsible for Metal Gear Online
    20. Dead and live: Silent Hill's strange afterlife
    21. Fallout gets its own official emoji in free app Fallout C.H.A.T.
    1. Official PS4 In-ear Stereo Headset out December for £78/€90
    2. The Jackbox Party Pack comes to retail via Telltale
    3. Here's your first look at Jakku in Star Wars: Battlefront
    4. Epic announces new PC game Paragon
    5. Warcraft movie reveals first still images and poster
    6. Performance Analysis: Batman on PC is still a disappointment
    7. Watch: No Man's Sky - managing the hype
    8. Lego Dimensions addresses a major criticism with new Hire A Hero feature
    9. The Old Republic's new expansion isn't quite Knights of the Old Republic 3
    10. Watch: PTSD and video games
    11. The Destiny matchmaking debate rears its head yet again
    12. Why Halo 5's radar is driving some players up the wall
    13. Democracy 3: Africa announced as a standalone "re-imagining"
    14. Konami sorry about incomplete PES 2016 transfer update
    15. Watch a video tour of the new Xbox One dashboard
    16. Activision acquires Candy Crush company King for $5.9bn
    17. Uncharted 4's multiplayer sees Naughty Dog at its wildest
    1. Black Ops 3 PC to receive modding tools in 2016
    2. This ambitious live action Metroid fan film is worth watching
    3. Job losses at Just Cause 3 developer Avalanche Studios
    4. Titan's soul: a day with Overwatch
    5. What the Fallout 4 leaks tell us about perks
    6. Big Fallout 4 gameplay leak a week before launch
    7. Arcadia Baes: A Life is Strange spoilercast #3
    8. The people power of Planet Coaster
    9. Halo 5 tops chart, outsells Assassin's Creed Syndicate launch by 50%
    10. There are a few things you need to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360
    11. Nintendo censors skimpy Xenoblade Chronicles X costumes in West - report
    12. Rocket League: The long road to overnight success
    13. Warner Bros. offers full refund for still-broken Batman: Arkham Knight PC
    14. Torment: Tides of Numenera pushed to 2016
    15. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Nuketown looks like a blast
    16. The new Need for Speed remembers what's great about the series, but why is it always online?
    1. Inside Digital Foundry: How we measure console frame-rate
    2. Video: Here's proof video game James Bond is the worst James Bond
    3. Marathon, the original Bungie sci-fi shooter