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Watch: Bloodborne's The Old Hunters is too hard for me

And that's ok.

When Bloodborne launched earlier this year, I spent a blissful couple of months unwilling to play anything else. I even did a video about its lovely, lovely doors, which proves just how far I was willing to go extend the conversation around that game. Unfortunately, as is so often the case with games like these, I wound up getting stuck. Unable to see off the Shadow of Yharnam, my attention began to waver and eventually I slunk off to play The Witcher 3, my tail between my legs.

With DLC expansion The Old Hunters getting a gold sticker from Eurogamer this week, I decided to dust off Ludwig's Holy Blade and see if I could get back into the swing of things. As it turned out, I couldn't. I'm woefully underpowered for The Old Hunters yet, as I explain in the video below, I am perfectly alright with that. Happy, even. Hit the play button and I'll explain why.

Cover image for YouTube videoBloodborne: The Old Hunters is too hard for me (and that's ok)