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Konami to give PES 2016 owners UEFA Euro 2016 content free

"It has been a difficult few months for the fans."

Konami's doing a nice thing for the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 audience in a bid to "regain their trust": giving the upcoming and as yet "undefined" EUFA Euro 2016 content for free.

"It has been a difficult few months for the fans in how we have been delivering content in our recent Data Packs with some items missing that our consumers expected," said Erik Bladinieres, football and alliances director at Konami. "The PES production team appreciate their fans' support and want to reward their support and bring back confidence in the Data Pack releases. With this announcement, we hope we can regain their trust.

"The content of the UEFA EURO 2016 content has yet to be defined, but all content delivered by Data Pack featuring 'Euro' for next year's prestigious tournament will be free to all existing users."

PES 2016, which is great - the faster and arcadier (is that a word?) of the two rival football series - upset fans by not including late summer transfers in its team rosters. Konami then rubbed salt in the wound by releasing a patch that still didn't include the final days of transfers, which is when a lot of movement tends to happen. Konami said it wouldn't release another Data Pack until it was fixed.

That fix looks like it's coming early December, in a Data Pack that includes the fix as well as the historic Brazilian Maracana stadium, more player faces, new national team kits and new club teams.

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