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Konami sorry about incomplete PES 2016 transfer update

Being fixed ASAP "but will take some weeks unfortunately".

There's a problem with the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 transfer patch that was finally released at the end of October: it doesn't include the final few days of summer football transfers which, as we know, are when a lot of moves tend to happen. It means the PES community has waited a long time for an incomplete roster update.

Konami issued both apology and explanation via long-running and trusted PES website PESfan. The game's maker said correcting the roster is top priority "but will take some weeks unfortunately".

The knock-on effect of that is a different Data Pack (includes a new stadium) planned for the end of November will be delayed. Konami won't release it without fixing the transfer patch issue. The Data Pack has been removed from Konami's schedule until a fix is implemented.

The roster update issue itself only affects offline modes - online modes are fine and the teams are up to date, according to Konami. The two facets are separate due to different update processes, which are being looked at for future releases.

"We also want to take the opportunity to sincerely apologise to those fans affected by this issue," Konami said. "It's frustrating for the fans, and for the team making the game. We assure everyone that we have learnt from this situation, and confirm designs to improve situations like these are currently being considered for future products."

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