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Total War goes medieval with Attila expansion Age of Charlemagne

That's "shar-la-main" not "Charlie's mange".

Ooh Total War is getting all medieval again, in an expansion for Attila called Age of Charlemagne, due 10th December.

There will be Knights, there will be a whole new medieval campaign map, and there will be new campaign mechanics, although the press release doesn't say what they are. Beside Knights there will be Housecarls and other period-appropriate units from 768AD, which was when Charlemagne - Charles the Great - took the Frankish throne. A trifling 32 years later he became the first Holy Roman Empire having united Western Europe. Lazy bastard - is that all?!

The press release touts 50 conquerable provinces and "hundreds" of hours of gameplay, and, well, that's about all we know for now. There's a trailer, although it's scene-setting CGI mumbo-jumbo rather than gameplay, but there are screenshots that show a bit more. I've stuffed them all below.

The Total War series has visited the medieval ages (my favourite age if you're asking) twice before, once in 2002 (the second-ever Total War game) and again in 2006. The latter game, however, was not made at Total War HQ - Creative Assembly UK - but in Sega's Australian studio that has since been closed.

Still, Knights!

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