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Total War's latest Game of Thrones mod looks fantastic

Arya interested?

The Total War series has always seemed a perfect fit for the Game of Thrones franchise and although we're yet to see an official crossover, modders have been combining the two for more than a decade.

More like Besteros.

The latest example, Seven Kingdoms: Total War, is a really great example.

This reworking of Total War: Attila doesn't introduce a new campaign map (at least, not yet), but instead focuses on the game's custom battles. That may seem disappointing, but stick with me here, you'll really want to see what it looks like in action.

It's still early days, with the mod having received a couple of updates since its launch back in December. However, as it stands, Seven Kingdoms: Total War already boasts 20 separate armies across eight Westeros factions, with 35 different generals to pick from.

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If you'd ever wondered what would have happened had Ned Stark clashed with Tywin Lannister on the battlefield (Ned would have smashed him, obviously), this is probably your kind of thing.

In short: it's an incredibly detailed Game of Thrones battle simulator for Total War nerds and I think it's brill.