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Play all Total War games free on Steam this weekend

All but Attila are 75 per cent off as well.

The outstanding Total War series has been around for 15 years, and to celebrate, you can play the games for free this weekend via Steam. Should be just enough time to conquer a continent.

If you like what you play, all but the newest Total War game - Attila - are also 75 per cent off. Attila is 33 per cent off, priced £20.09.

Mind you, if you can do without Attila, you can snap up the entire series preceeding it for £24.99, in the Total War Master Collection. That's an awful lot to get through.

So which do you choose? Shogun 2, the samurai one, was great, but it was the last of an old generation of Total War games. Rome 2 signified 'the new' but got off to a rocky start, although things much improved. And then along came Attila, although again it failed to initially dazzle. Me? I'd go back to my first Total War experience - back to Medieval: Total War. No campaign map animations in those days let me tell you.

This guy knows what he's doing, but he does use some naughty language.Watch on YouTube

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