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FeatureThe untold origin story of Creative Assembly

"I decided this kettle had to die."

A school gym in England, mid-'90s, and two local rugby players await orders. One is small and wide and called Adrian, and one is tall and weighs about 20 stone. He's Big Dave. Adrian has been getting flattened by Big Dave all day but he keeps getting back up. It's the rugby training in him: you bloody well get back up if you're knocked down. But this instinct is starting to annoy the people he's in the school gym for, the people making the sports game. They're trying to motion-capture for a rugby game and would rather Adrian lay still. They should be careful what they wish for.

The future of Total War

The problem with consoles hasn't been controllers, it's been power.

Eurogamer has spoken to Creative Assembly studio director Mike Simpson about the future of Total War. What new historical settings are under discussion? Will there be more remakes? What about consoles? Those questions, and more, are answered in the article below.

Exclusive Total War first look at Rezzed

Exclusive Total War first look at Rezzed

See the future of the series at Eurogamer show.

Total War developer The Creative Assembly will appear at Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show to exclusively show the future of its strategy series.

Attendees at the Eurogamer event will get the first look at the developer's next project during a presentation celebrating the studio's 25th anniversary, scheduled to take place 6th July at 1pm UK time.

"This year, The Creative Assembly is celebrating a quarter of a century making games," said Total War lead designer James Russell. "I'll be at Rezzed giving a talk on the making of the Total War series, and showing a sneak peek of what we're doing next. Exciting times - see you there!"

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Total War: Shogun 2

Once more unto the breach.

They say it's called a revolution because over time it always comes full circle. And that saying applies perfectly the Total War series.

Napoleon: TW gets Peninsular expansion

Napoleon: TW gets Peninsular expansion

Guerrilleros in our midst this summer.

Napoleon: Total War will expand this summer with The Peninsular Campaign add-on, sold exclusively on Steam.

This revolves around the 1811 battle for the Iberian Peninsular. Basically, Napoleon and his mates have been bashing on Spanish and Portuguese doors for a couple of years and are generally doing pretty well. So well, in fact, that Spain has been forced to authorise local militias to fight back using guerilla warfare.

That Iberian Peninsular has been broken into 32 regions ruled by four playable actions: Britain, France, Portugal and, for the first time, Spain.

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SEGA keen on AVP, Bayonetta sequels

SEGA keen on AVP, Bayonetta sequels

Hints at Total War MMO, too.

SEGA's keen to turn Aliens vs. Predator, Alpha Protocol and Bayonetta into franchises, as well as take Total War in "another direction".

"People often ask if we'd take Total War in that [MMO] direction and we're constantly looking at it, but MMO is a very competitive market," SEGA West boss Mike Hayes told CVG. "It goes back to the start of the interview - we want to get the core games right before anything else.

"We've got our shooter with AVP and our RPG with Alpha Protocol - we really want to make that into a franchise. That's the area where we need some success, to sequel-ise that. If you think about it, we can sequel-ise Bayonetta, AVP, Alpha Protocol - if we can make a hit of something like Vanquish - then you add that to Football Manager and Virtua Tennis - we actually have a broad portfolio."

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Napoleon: Total War

Napoleon: Total War

Short shift.

So, Napoleon finally gave me the battle I wanted from Empire.

Winter. My ragged army of sporadically barefoot Frenchmen arrive at the city of Klagenfurt after months of marching to find a cool Austrian army three times their number lying in wait. This isn't what I expected. I could panic, stop, turn my men around while drafting an apologetic letter to Paris. Mais... non. Every turn that passes in this cold will see me lose more men from frostbite and desertion. I am Napoleon, and the rest is history. Onwards!

Lined up in the snow, my soldiers seem frail and pretty in their Olympic blue. This is an illusion. Soon the sputtering of a thousand muskets joins the sick cough of my howitzers, and men start dying. Shot and shells fill the air like God's own hailstones, yet my soldiers stand firm. The fog of gunpowder smoke becomes so thick that cannonballs and charges of dragoons are now emerging from it like black holes and tidal waves, yet my men stand firm. All while my general, Napoleon himself, is racing up and down the battle lines using his aura of influence to keep his regiments from breaking as his bodyguard struggles to keep up.

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Napoleon: TW confirms campaign MP

Napoleon: TW confirms campaign MP

Conquer the world with a friend.

SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced full campaign co-op integration for Napoleon: Total War.

Finally you'll be able to plot a global conquest alongside a friend - or against them. But note that only one other person can play with you for the time being.

Creative Assembly has also developed a new drop-in battle system where real people can take over as commander of the AI force for one battle.

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Napoleon: Total War

Creative reassembly.

Empire: Total War was sloppy. Can we reach a consensus here? Even anyone who loved it - and for all its flaws we loved it enough to give it 9/10 - would admit its bugs were "a shame", the combat pathfinding "temperamental", the AI "distracted", the tutorials "lightweight" and its manual "environmentally considerate". It wasn't quite all style and no substance, but perhaps all style and a gelatinous, gloopy substance that you have to cut out if it gets in your hair.

FeatureNapoleon: Total War

Superiority complex.

So then, Napoleon. One of history's greatest military strategists. A man who almost single-handedly took the reins of power in one of Europe's greatest nations, during a time of incredible open warfare, and raised an Empire which would encompass some of the great dynasties of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. A man born into conflict on the island of Corsica, who led charges from the front - revelling in battle until his age prevented him from doing so. A man who changed the face of warfare forever.

New Total War for February 2010

To focus on Napolean Bonaparte.

SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced Napolean: Total War, a new game that aims to take the acclaimed strategy series in a fresh, story-driven direction.