Total War: Arena

The untold origin story of Creative Assembly

"I decided this kettle had to die."

A school gym in England, mid-'90s, and two local rugby players await orders. One is small and wide and called Adrian, and one is tall and weighs about 20 stone. He's Big Dave. Adrian has been getting flattened by Big Dave all day but he keeps getting back up. It's the rugby training in him: you bloody well get back up if you're knocked down. But this instinct is starting to annoy the people he's in the school gym for, the people making the sports game. They're trying to motion-capture for a rugby game and would rather Adrian lay still. They should be careful what they wish for.

Total War: Arena closed beta launches today

Total War: Arena closed beta launches today

Sweet with a Caesar salad.

Creative Assembly's free-to-play team-based strategy game Total War: Arena launches in closed beta form today.

The launch coincides with a significant update, called Fury of Arminius, which adds a new faction, a new Commander and a new map.

The new Commander is, you guessed it, Arminius, who fights alongside Barbarian units. Check him out in the trailer below.

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The broadening horizons of Total War

How The Creative Assembly is planning an all-out assault in 2015.

This year the Total War series turns 15, and as recompense for making so many of us feel so horribly old The Creative Assembly is celebrating with a birthday blowout of new Total War titles. The recent release of the Wrath of Sparta content pack for Total War: Rome 2 is followed on 17 February by the next major release in the franchise, Total War: Attila - but the ferocious Hun does not ride alone. Instead, he's flanked by two less traditional Total War experiences aimed at bringing in new players via the hit-and-miss gift horse of free-to-play.