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New Total War for February 2010

To focus on Napolean Bonaparte.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced Napolean: Total War, a new game that aims to take the acclaimed strategy series in a fresh, story-driven direction.

Due out in February 2010, Napolean focuses on the life of Monsieur Bonaparte, splitting it into three campaigns. We'll see the the legendary Frenchman's early years in Italy and Egypt, before following his surge to Moscow and eventually playing-out his showdown with the Duke of Wellington at The Battle of Waterloo. And you will be able to rewrite history as you see fit.

Exact gameplay feature are not mentioned, although Creative Assembly promises to take the Empire mechanics "a step further".

Platforms are not specified, although we assume PC to be the focus.

Head over to our Napolean: Total War gallery for the first screenshots, and keep your eyes peeled on Eurogamer TV for an imminent trailer.

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