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The Elder Scrolls: Total War brought to life by modder

This means lore.

What does there being an Elder Scrolls: Total War mod for Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms say to you? That someone read all those books in Bethesda's role-playing games.

The total conversion covers events from Elder Scrolls 3 and 4, Morrowind and Oblivion, and all those wars you didn't know you cared about.

There's a lot of effort clearly gone in. Elder Scrolls races and famous faces have been recreated, as have settlements and famous sights from Tamriel, such as the Imperial City in Cyrodiil. It being a mod for a game from 2007 also lends it a certain retro charm.

The mod is made by LordNazgu1, although that's probably not their real name. You can download it from Mod DB.

The Total War series enjoys a long and healthy history of modding. With Rome 2 came Steam Workshop support and an Assembly Kit, and there are instructions for using both on the Total War wiki.

You can find all sorts on community website Total War Center to tickle your fancy.

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