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Fallout 4 players use console commands and mods to uncover cool secrets

As Bethesda warns console commands can mess up save games.

Fallout 4 players are using console commands and mods to uncover cool secrets about the post-apocalyptic role-playing game.

The console is a debugging tool in the PC version of Fallout 4. To access it, press the tilde (~) key.

YouTuber Tyrannicon used the console to access a secret developer room that features every item in the game, including all weapons and armour. To check it out, access the console commands, then type in "COC QASMOKE". It'll completely and utterly spoil the game for you. But hey, it's there.

The video, below, shows how it's done.

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Meanwhile, a Fallout 4 modder called xxdeathknight72xx discovered a harpoon gun hidden within the game's files.

xxdeathknight72xx said the harpoon gun appears to have been in the game during beta testing. It overrides the Railway Rifle, and even includes a cool reload animation that sees a trail of bubbles come off the harpoon.

You can play with the gun yourself using xxdeathknight72xx's mod. The video, below, again from Tyrannicon, shows it off.

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It's unclear whether this harpoon gun was cut from the final game, or whether it's set to star in downloadable content. Either way, it looks like it was - or is - intended to be used for underwater combat - something Fallout 4 currently does not emphasise.

Amid all this, Bethesda has said it doesn't recommend console commands are used.

Marketing chief Pete Hines said on Twitter using console commands can "very easily mess up save games".

So, use console commands at your own risk!

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