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How to power and program your Fallout 4 settlements like a pro

Traps! Terminals! Fire-breathing Marios! More!

Fallout 4 does a great job of immersing you in Bethesda's post-nuclear Commonwealth, but pretty much everyone agrees it does a horrible job of explaining how base-building works.

After a brief tutorial in which you're charged with planting down a couple of beds and placing a couple of turrets in the first settlement you come across, Fallout 4 deserts the hopeful base-builder, casting them adrift in a sea of power cables, generators and light bulbs - none of which I could get to work.

However, if you've watched Ian's Fallout 4 base-building for beginners video, you'll have got off to a good start. Ian's advanced Fallout 4 base-building tips video will then have helped take your settlements to the next level.

But there's even more to Fallout 4 base-building than that. For elaborate constructions, you'll need to master power and programming. Some items you build require power. To create power, you need to build generators, and then run wires from those generators to the items. Some items can be powered wirelessly. And what about terminals? And traps? Ahhh!

This is where things can get really tricky. And in the absence of any help whatsoever from the game, you'd be forgiven for simply giving up.

Ian's back to save the day with a new tutorial video - his most detailed yet - that runs through power and programming. Using his own tips, Ian's able to make a fire-breathing Mario light show, as well as an elaborate room of death - packed with cool traps - that would make Kevin from Home Alone proud. The video helped me out greatly. Worth a watch if your Fallout 4 settlements could do with a power boost.

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