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Fallout 4 base builders are using mods to create incredible settlements

Here are the best.

Fallout 4 base building isn't for me, despite some advanced tips from Eurogamer's Ian Higton. I've left Sanctuary a poor, dribbling mess of burnt-out houses and bare-bones streets. But Fallout 4 is base building for some people. These people.

Some players have already spent hundreds of hours just on Fallout 4 base building, creating settlements as good as anything Bethesda made for the game. PC players, using a combination of mods, have pushed the boundaries put in place by the developers to create sprawling mini-cities, packed with shops, defences and housing. And what about those electronic signs? As you'd expect, players are having fun with those.

Here, I've collected a few of the best settlements I've seen on the wonderful Fallout subreddit. Maybe they'll inspire you to create bigger and better things. Or maybe, like me, you'll think, huh, I'll never make anything as good as that, then kill yet another feral ghoul.


"theowest" made "a giant-ass" Rubik's Cube in Fallout 4, with the help of the Unlimited Size mod. It took him 25 hours, he revealed in a post on Reddit.

"Oryx2046" turned Starlight Drive into one of the largest settlements in his version of Fallout 4.

"CloakedWarrior4323's" take on Sanctuary is three times bigger than the default version. There's even an inn.

"OMGconex" spent his first 80 hours with Fallout 4 base building. Here's the result:

Here's "Tripper1" with his take on Red Rocket, complete with Power Armour garage. Nice lion statues.

"Exonar" spent all his time building a pier settlement onto Spectacle Island.

Cuon built a massive hangar for a giant mech. Because why not?

"I_like_mangoes" put a gym on the roof of a building in one settlement.

"Wildcat7878's" Radstag Arms is my favourite shop in the Commonwealth.

"evaderbak" didn't use any mods while building The Castle into a full town. Love the bar sign.

Here's Eurogamer's Ian Higton with a fire-breathing Mario sign (he's very proud of it).

I've saved the best for last. "striker8807" managed to create Wolverine out of the electronic sign. But the rest of his base is just as impressive.

Seen any cool Fallout 4 settlements? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, check out our advanced tips for Fallout 4 base building video, below, to help take your settlements to the next level.

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