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Watch: Sorry, but you can't kill the Ewoks in Star Wars: Battlefront

The Endor the line.

Look, I like Ewoks. Even though they are pretty much the weakest part of the original Star Wars trilogy, they're nowhere near as bad as the Gungans. Oh, and that bit in Jedi where Nanta gets killed and Romba weeps over his corpse. That bit made me cry when I was little.

An Ewok apologist I may be, but that still didn't stop me spending the whole morning trying to blow the critters up with an assortment of laser weapons and thermal detonators.

You see, in Battlefront 2 you could fight as or against the Ewoks, but now they've been demoted to mere set dressing. I was hoping there might have been a way to anger them into retaliation but as you can see from my video below (which is set to the classic Yub Nub end song for ROTJ, not the Special Edition one) nothing seems to phase the little furballs. Not even a fully charged bowcaster to the face.

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