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Cave makes its Steam debut with shmup Mushihimesama (i.e. Bug Princess)

25 per cent off with free OST this week.

Legendary Japanese arcade developer Cave (Deathsmiles, DoDonPachi series) has made its Steam debut with shmup Mushihimesama (or Bug Princess, as it's been known in English).

Originally released in 2004 as an arcade game in Japan, Mushihimesama was later ported to PS2 and Xbox 360, but didn't make its western debut until 2011 when it was released worldwide on iOS as Bug Princess.

Mushihimesama is a vertically-scrolling shmup following a princess riding a giant golden beetle through a forest as she faces off against beasts in search of a cure for her sick village.

The game contains three modes: Normal, the default campaign; Arrange, a remixed version of it; and the less challenging Novice mode. There are also a couple of difficulty settings with Original and the fiendish Ultra available.

Typically Mushihimesama goes for £14.99, but it's on sale until 12th November at £11.24. You'll also receive the original soundtrack if you purchase the game during its first week on sale.

For an extra £3.99 there's the V1.5 mode DLC, offering a remixed mode with a new soundtrack and game mechanics. This too is 25 per cent off for the first week at £2.99.

Check out how Mushihimesama looks in action in its Steam trailer below:

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