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Pillars of Eternity White March Part 2 gets a release date

Raises the level cap and adds a Story Mode for "faster pace".

The second part of The White March expansion for Pillars of Eternity will be released late January 2016, developer Obsidian has announced. Part 1 launched 25th August 2015.

The White March - Part 2 will raise the game's character level-cap up beyond 14, and introduce a Story Mode to tell "the incredible narrative of Pillars of Eternity at a faster pace", said a press release. Does this mean Story Mode resolves battles for you, or does it skip them entirely? Perhaps the game uses more of the Choose Your Own Adventure-style screens to leapfrog combat. There's also a new companion, the barbarian Meneha, as well as new quests, new abilities and presumably new loot.

All we've actually seen of Part 2 so is some art for the insect-like Vithrack species and a few concepts for helmets in the expansion.

The White March - Part 1 focused on combat and dungeon-crawling. It upped the level-cap from 12 to 14, introduced a couple of new companions - a monk and a robot - and offered soulbound weapons and the ability to multi-class.

The White March - Part 1 costs £10.99 alone or £18.99 as part of the Expansion Pass bundle, which includes White March - Part 2.

Pillars of Eternity arrived in March and was deep and rich and all things an Infinity Engine game of yesteryear ought to be - which is what it set out to be after all. "Pillars of Eternity is the Baldur's Gate 3 we never got," Richard Cobbett wrote in our review - and of course the game has been patched and tweaked and improved upon since then.

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