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Rejoice! Noby Noby Boy's Girl has finally reached Pluto

Stretch goals.

It's been some time coming, but Noby Noby Boy continues to reach new milestones as it stretches out into the stars. Coming fast up to seven years since Keita Takahashi's delirious toy was released on PlayStation 3, players have helped Noby Noby Boy's girl make it all the way to Pluto (thanks for the spot, DarkZero.)

A quick refresher course on Noby Noby Boy: a quirky PlayStation Network game from the creator of Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy asked players to take control of an elongated 'boy', their only real task being to collect objects and grow in size before submitting progress to 'girl', who would then slowly extend outwards through the solar system. The 51 people still tinkering away at Noby Noby Boy have helped 'girl' travel just over 5,760,475,823 kilometres, which in the game's slightly wonky solar system is enough to help it reach the planet of Pluto. Or the plutoid or dwarf planet or whatever Pluto is today.

A glorious achievement, and enough to make us pine for another Takahashi joint sometime soon. Thankfully Wattam, a new PlayStation 4 game from Takahashi, is on the horizon, which our Jeffrey did a noble job of describing earlier this year.

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