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Free and upcoming Warhammer Vermintide content revealed

Survival mode! Private mode! Red weapons! An altar at the Inn!

Dark and delicious four-player Warhammer action game Vermintide has sold 300,000 copies, Swedish developer Fatshark has announced. And it will get some juicy new - and free - content on 3rd December (which is still too far away dammit).

The DLC, Sigmar's Blessing, adds an altar structure to the Inn hub, and you can use it to sacrifice loot to "improve your arsenal" somehow. It also adds new traits to the loot table, which means more item abilities that read like 'percentage chance to trigger X' such as heal or gain attack speed or shoot through an enemy.

In addition, new and unique red-tier weapon drops are being added for all 40 weapon types. Red is the best, the top tier. Loot scales, in order of ordinary to extraordinary, from white to green to blue to orange to red.

That's Sigmar's Blessing, but that isn't all Fatshark has planned for Vermintide. There's a Private mode in the works, a HUD-less Realism mode (that will be hard), and a Survival mode for "endless waves of ever-increasing enemies".

Not all future content will be free as Sigmar's Blessing is. Fatshark plans "alternating free and paid DLC".

Presumably the new one-handed weapons.
And the two-handed weapons.
And the ranged weapons.
This is the altar. Why don't they have these in normal pubs eh?
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