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Modders are remaking Fallout 1 in Fallout New Vegas

Chip off the old block.

A group of modders is remaking Fallout 1 in Fallout New Vegas.

1997's Fallout 1.

Fallout the Story, which has a NexusMods page up and running, is a work in progress at the moment, but you can see the early results of the modders' labour in the video, below.

Fallout 1, developed by Interplay and released in 1997, began by charging the player character with venturing outside his or her vault and into the wasteland in search of a water chip that would save the other dwellers from an impending water shortage.

The video shows this opening sequence remade inside Obsidian's New Vegas, complete with first-person view. Dialogue, movement and combat work as they do in Bethesda's Fallout games (the ropey voice acting is because the modders don't have the rights to use any original content from Fallout 1). The Pip-boy is used as Bethesda uses it for inventory management, character stats and maps.

And Fallout 1's world map is recreated as a sort of tabletop you can view from above. It includes random encounters and the ability to flee. It's pretty cool!

The modders said they hope to keep the look and feel of Fallout 1 intact while making use of Fallout New Vegas' modern features. Vault 13 and Vault 15 are complete, the modders say. Shady Sands is nearly finished. Junktown is 50 per cent done. Work on The Glow, Necropolis and The Hub has started.

This mod is definitely worth keeping an eye on. I imagine it'll work well as an accessibly entry point for those who have played Bethesda's Fallout games only and fancy checking out how the post-nuclear series began.

There are more videos over at modder ARCSESO's YouTube channel.

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