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Xenoblade Chronicles X's English version ditches breast slider

Nintendo's localisation tones down Wii U RPG.

The English version of Xenoblade Chronicles X, which is heading to the Wii U early next month, ditches the option to adjust the size of its avatar's busts in its character creator.

The edit, picked up by GameXplain (thanks for the spot, Siliconera), is one of several changes made to the original Japanese version, which launched in late April this year. As we previously reported, the character Lin has had her age altered from 13 to 15, and is now prohibited from wearing some of the game's more revealing costumes.

Unlike its predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles X allows players to model their own avatar, presenting them with a set of potions with which to create their own character. One of those options, which controlled the size of a player's bust, has now been removed completely.

Elsewhere, though, Xenoblade Chronicles X is faithful to its Japanese counterpart (although there's not an option to use the original Japanese voice track, presumably because of storage limitations). The Monolith Soft Wii U exclusive RPG is shaping up well - I recently got to spend a couple of dozen hours in its company and came away extremely impressed.

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