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Xenoblade Chronicles X downloadable data packs cut load times

Download game chunks via eShop to boost disc-based loading.

Open world Wii U exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X is so big Nintendo is providing downloadable data packs to cut loading times for its disc-based version.

Four packs are now available from the Wii U eShop which altogether weigh in at around 11GB - a hefty chunk of the console's total hard drive.

Nintendo recommends disc-based owners download the "Basic High-Speed Data Loading Pack" first. This is classed as "Impact: High".

"The Basic Data Pack installs frequently used data, such as terrain," its store description explains. "It speeds up load times in the city and in the field. For the greatest impact on your experience, download this pack first."

This alone weighs in at 2GB.

Then there's the Enemy High-Speed Data Loading Pack - "for players who like to explore and fight enemies". This weighs in at 2.93GB.

Next is the Player High-Speed Data Loading Pack - "for players who like to complete lots of missions". This speeds up city load times and equipment changing. It weighs in at 3.8GB.

Finally there's the Skell High-Speed Loading Pack, for fast loading of the game's mechs. This is yours if you have another 1.6GB free.

All of these packs can be downloaded to a USB external storage device, if you have one of those attached.

There's no impact if you have a digital download version of the game already.

While all of the above packs are optional, it's clear that Xenoblade Chronicles X is pushing the console's capabilities - no other Wii U title offers these add-ons.

The result, however, sounds like it'll be worth all this extra fuss. Martin has been playing the game and reckons Xenoblade Chronicles X might yet have 2015's most impressive open world.

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