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Nintendo reveals 25 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles X footage

Wii U exclusive has four-player online questing.

Nintendo has shown off 25 minutes of gameplay footage from upcoming Wii U-exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X in a new Japanese presentation.

The Monolith Soft role-player is the spiritual successor to the Wii's Xenoblade Chronicles, although the two tales are unrelated.

Four players will be able to quest online together, while 32 players will be able to communicate indirectly online for information exchange and item trading.

Early sections of the footage focus on the distinctly American-looking New Los Angeles, a bizarre mix of suburban homes, backyard pools and space-age technology.

But, away from the city, are vast landscapes more familiar to Xenoblade Chronicles players. Footage from a large grassy area, bright luminescent caves and a dusty, barren desert all feature.

Areas are full of enemies - both friendly and hostile - which vary in size from small, pet-like creatures up to huge, hulking leviathans.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is due to launch on 29th April in Japan, and at some point later in 2015 here in Europe.

Watch the presentation in full below:

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