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Sonic Twitter account taken over by Dr. Eggman

"That intolerable blue hedgehog has been running amok on Twitter long enough!"

Sonic the Hedgehog's longtime nemesis Ivo "Dr. Eggman" Robotnik has commandeered the already bizarre Twitter account for the Sega mascot.

"Sing me your praises! Ask me your questions! I'll be here indefinitely!" the stout super-villain proclaimed. Taking a page from Homestar Runner antagonist Strong Bad, Dr. Eggman has turned the Twitter account into an advice column wherein the mad scientist offers his take on the ways of the world.

"That intolerable blue hedgehog has been running amok on Twitter long enough!" Dr. Eggman proclaimed. "I've finally taken over Sonic's social media accounts. Get a load of this!"

No one is safe from Dr. Eggman's reign of terror. Not Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell, a self-proclaimed Sonic fan, not Archie Comics, nobody. Here's some examples of Dr. Eggman at his most nefarious:

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