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What the Fallout 4 leaks tell us about perks

Increase your Awareness - and beware spoilers!

A flurry of leaked Fallout 4 gameplay videos have hit the net, giving us our first proper look at all the perks available in the game. New perks have been singled out on Reddit and added to the full list on the Fallout Wiki.

Before today, internet sleuths had done an incredible job working out what each potential perk was by piecing together info gained from legitimate Fallout 4 gameplay videos and clues from the illustrations on the official perk chart (right).

But, there were a few perks that couldn't be confirmed due to lack of information and ambiguous images.


Perk (LUCK 5), whose image showed a wide-eyed, dopey-looking Vault Boy, had Fallout fans scratching their heads. Thanks to the gameplay leaks we now know this perk is called "IDIOT SAVANT". Its description reads: "You're not stupid! Just... different. Randomly receive 3x XP from an action, and the lower your Intelligence, the greater the chance."

We can also see from the leaked footage that this perk can be upgraded in rank three times.

Other, previously unknown perks include:

(END 9) GHOULISH - Sure, you're still human - on the outside! Radiation now regenerates your lost health. (This perk can be upgraded three times.)

(STR 10) PAIN TRAIN - Choo choo! All aboard! While wearing Power Armour, sprinting into enemies hurts and staggers them. (Robots and oversized enemies are immune to the stagger). (This perk can be upgraded three times.)

(INT 9) NUCLEAR PHYSICIST - You've learned to split the atom... and command it. Radiation weapons do 50 per cent more damage and Fusion Cores last an extra 25 per cent longer. (This perk can be upgraded three times and also confirms the inclusion of new weapons that deal radiation damage.)

and (LUCK 9) FOUR LEAF CLOVER - Feeling lucky? You should! Each hit in V.A.T.S has a chance of filling your Critical meter. (This perk can be upgraded four times.)

If you'd like to check out the rest of the perks, along with their associated images and ranks, you can find a fan-made, interactive perk chart here.

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