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50 vs 50 FPS Squad hits Steam Early Access next month

From the people behind Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality.

Squad, the 50 versus 50 tactical military first-person shooter from the people behind the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality, comes out on Steam Early Access next month.

That's 15th December, with a $39.99 price tag. The Squad Steam page is live now.

Squad's turned heads for its 100-player competitive multiplayer across huge battlefields. The idea is teams use tanks and close support helicopters to assault the enemy, while transport helicopters and APCs provide logistics and transportation support. Commanders and squad leaders can construct defensive and offensive fortifications. The whole thing requires teamwork on a level a lot of modern shooters don't. You can even ambush supply routes.

It's the work of Offworld Industries, a Vancouver-based team founded in 2014 by 15 developers who worked on the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2.

After a successful Kickstarter that raised $434,805 CAD (£215,000), Squad took on more developers and entered closed alpha. The video, below, gives you an idea of what it's about.

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