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Watch: Fallout 4 base building, Cryolator finding and companion romancing

Plus playing with corpses. Naturally.

Well, the floodgates are officially open and hours upon hours of Fallout 4 footage is right now spilling onto every square inch of the internet. Be careful out there, friends.

For our part, we've made a couple of videos that some of you might find informative and/or amusing. Ian's been playing Fallout 4 pretty much non-stop since our copy arrived, and although we thought about staging an intervention, it turns out that video producers can get a lot done if they just cut out sleeping and eating.

First up is Ian's review chat with Eurogamer reviewer Dan Whitehead. The two discuss at length the reasoning behind why Dan awarded the game a recommended and not an Essential, if that's your bag. A few other topics are covered, but rest assured the video is free of any plot spoilers.

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Next, Ian found himself a rare weapon, the Cryolator, and he details how you can get your irradiated hands on it in the video below.

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But, not content with just conquering the Wasteland, Ian also set out to conquer some hearts. Here's how he got on after attempting to romance his companions.

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Of course, a post-apocalyptic survivor needs somewhere to put all their fancy guns and lovers, and so Ian has prepared for you a handy tutorial to get you head-started on the basics of base building.

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Phew. That's almost your lot for now, but do check back later on this afternoon when Ian will be livestreaming the game from the very beginning. Although personally I think he might have had enough Fallout for the time being. This last video is... you know what, it's probably easier just to watch it.

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