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Square Enix polling Final Fantasy fans on FF15 moogles

Yes or Kupno?

Should Final Fantasy 15 include moogles? Square Enix wants to hear your opinion.

The Final Fantasy publisher has launched a new Twitter poll to survey the opinion of franchise fans. At the time of writing, 88 per cent of responses favour their inclusion.

Moogles - a race of small winged rodenty-looking things - have featured in the majority of Final Fantasy games so far, but their inclusion in FF15 has been far from certain.

Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura previously revealed that moogles were set to appear in FF15 when it was still being developed as Final Fantasy Versus 13.

But, at this year's Tokyo Games Show back in September, Square Enix admitted that the diminutive helper race had apparently been cut.

FF15 has a more modern aesthetic than other Final Fantasy titles, includes cars and features a cast of characters dressed like a J-Pop boy band. Would moogles still fit this world?

"Our Japanese cousins have asked THAT question... kupo... so what do you think? Should Moogles be in #FFXV?" Square Enix wrote. "We can't guarantee Moogles will be in #FFXV but we really want to see how passionate you guys are about them and we'll see what we can do."

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