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At one point, Final Fantasy 15 was going to be made by Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy developer

No flarking way!

A new interview has revealed at one point Square Enix handed the reigns of Final Fantasy 15 over to Eidos Montréal, the developer behind Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Speaking to TrueAchievements, former Eidos Montréal art director Jonathan Jacque-Belletête stated that before it went back over to be worked on in Japan, his team had a "really cool" Final Fantasy game in the works.

"[Eidos Montréal] brought back Deus Ex. I was the art director on that - Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Then [I was] the executive art director on Mankind Divided. Then we tried to do Final Fantasy 15," he said.

Digital Foundry chat Final Fantasy 15.Watch on YouTube

"Then [Square Enix] decided to bring [FF15] back to Japan, which I think was a big mistake, but it's still the truth. Ours was really, really cool."

Sadly though, Jacque-Belletête did not go into any more details about what Eidos-Montréal's vision for a Final Fantasy game would have been.

Meanwhile, Jacque-Belletête has moved on from Eidos-Montréal and is currently heading up the development of Hell is Us, a new IP from Rogue Factor.

Elsewhere in the news, Square Enix recently made headlines when it revealed it was selling off its Western studios to Embracer.

This sale, which is set to go through by September, means Embracer owns Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montréal and Square Enix Montreal, as well as IPs including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief and Legacy of Kain. That amounts to around 1100 employees.

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