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Latest Guardians of the Galaxy fridge stat shows how house proud we all are

Keeping up appearances.

Video games are wonderful things. They offer an escape from the mundane rigour of everyday life and give us the chance to experience whole new worlds of fantasy and adventure. However, while Marvel's Guardians of the galaxy certainly does this in spades with its eclectic cast and bustling locales, there is one area that is (for me at least) just like home.

Yes, I am talking about that damn fridge on the Milano that just will not stay shut. No matter how many times you get Star-Lord to close the door, it will always reopen again (and again and again and again).

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But it turns out I am not alone in my quest to get that door closed (we need to save energy here people). In fact, that little seemingly benign door has been closed a grand total of 18.6m times. Much like the Guardians of Galaxy devs do as well, I admire the tenacity.

Guardians of the Galaxy senior creative director Jean-François Dugas has previously said this running gag was inspired by TV shows such as Modern Family and It's always sunny in Philadelphia.

"My inspiration was based on Phil Dunphy in Modern Family constantly stumbling on the house stairs that he never repaired, and one episode from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where Charlie passes by a stool in the bar where he works many times during the episode, and each time, he replaces/shakes the stool before going to his next objective," he explained.

As well as this, Dugas also spoke to Eurogamer about Square Enix's sales expectations (something the publisher said "undershot" what it was hoping for).

"Is the game perfect? Like any game, no, I don't think it's perfect. It can always be better. But is it a great ride? And is it something this year or last year that you played that is unlike everything else? And is it worth spending your time on? I honestly think it is, from a game standpoint."

Dugas continued: "I have no regrets. We did everything we could but that's the reality of the market."

You can check out my full interview with Dugas, as well as Star-Lord and Rocket themselves, by following the link here.

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