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Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy 15 lead September's PlayStation Now additions

Plus Observation and WWE 2K19.

September is upon us, meaning that - among many other things - it's time for Sony to fling a fresh batch of games onto its PlayStation Now subscription service, with this month's newly announced additions including Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy 15.

Those two are both solid offerings, with Resident Evil 7 proving to be a particular treat for fans of horror. It's a notable departure from previous series entries, switching third-person action for gorgeously gruesome - if somewhat uneven - first-person hillbilly hijinks, as players, in the role of Ethan Winters, explore the rundown Baker family mansion in search of his missing girlfriend.

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As for Final Fantasy 15, it's a fascinating, if not always successful, attempt to turn the series' familiar apocalypse-thwarting RPG formula into an open-world road trip adventure, as a band of leather-clad chums - Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto - journey across the world of Eos.

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"It's clear that Final Fantasy 15 benefits from a vision, one that emboldened its developers to try new things and reinvent a series while reclaiming the scale that its most ardent fans are used to," wrote Eurogamer's Aoife Wilson back in 2017. "In chasing that scale the bigger picture can sometimes get a little obscured, but importantly Final Fantasy 15 retains that love of smaller stories, the ones that often prove to be so much more memorable."

As for PlayStation Now's other offerings, well-oiled gentlemen go at it in WWE 2K19, and there's lonely sci-fi thrills galore in Stories Untold developer No Code's Observation.

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The latter is a first-person narrative adventure charting the tribulations of scientist Dr. Emma Fisher, after she wakes on a spaceship with no company aside from the ship's AI. Unusually, players control the latter rather than the former, fiddling around with the station's cameras and control systems to progress the mystery.

All four of the above titles are available on PlayStation Now from today. Sony notes Resident Evil 7 will remain on the service until 30th November, 2020, while Final Fantasy 15 is scheduled to depart on 1st March next year.

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