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Microsoft is chucking snow at people strung up on a billboard to promote Tomb Raider

UPDATE: It's over. We have a "winner" - and he's from Durham.

UPDATE 13th November 2015: 20 hours after it started, Microsoft's Tomb Raider Survival Billboard stunt is over. We have a "winner", and he's from Durham.

Steely railway engineer Adam Carr, 28, was the last person standing on the billboard after Lewis, the favourite with his beard, quit just before half nine this morning.

Adam was battered by snow, wind, rain and heat. Here he is, taking it all in his stride.

The Hero of Durham.

Lewis looked nailed on for victory, with his solid glare and confident jig. But this morning the tables turned as Adam, busting out a few squats, found renewed energy from somewhere.

Champion material.

Lewis, despondent, gave his opponent a congratulatory hug. He knew his time was up.

Gracious in victory.

What does Adam win? A Tomb Raider-themed trip. Hopefully it'll involve a warm fire and a comfy chair. Well done Adam!

ORIGINAL STORY 12th November 2015: There are video game PR stunts. And then there's this.

Lewis looks like a serious chap. He has an impressive beard.

Microsoft's chucking snow, wind and rain at eight unfortunate souls who are strung up on a billboard in London to promote Xbox game Rise of the Tomb Raider, which came out this week.

The last person standing on the billboard after 24 hours wins "a trip inspired by Tomb Raider", whatever that involves.

There's a stream. You can watch this happen, live, and vote for the weather effect that gets chucked at them.

Who would get involved in such a stunt? 29-year-old Lewis Wright, right, did. He grew up in Kent and went to university in Lincoln, according to the Survival Billboard website. He prepared by "getting lots of sleep and resting my legs".

Then there's Jade Jolie, a streamer on Twitch who is a huge Tomb Raider fan. She's idolised Lara Croft for years.

Jade Jolie has already survived a 48 hour experience in Siberia with days of solid travel. This billboard nonsense should be a piece of piss.

People are watching the stream - at the time of publication just over 2000 people. Occasionally some people walk past the billboard, stop to gawp, then carry on going about their business. Most people in Twitch chat are pointing out the winner will probably be the one who can hold their wee in the longest, which sounds about right.

What do you think? Christian Donlan says: "I kind of like it."

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