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Fallout 4's list of voiced player names is stuffed with pop culture references

Katniss, Rockatansky, Corvo... But no Louise.

There are 924 player names that Fallout 4 robot buddy Codsworth can pronounce although it won't say Louise, oddly enough.

The pronounceable names were found in the Fallout 4 game files by Reddit users. Among the list are dozens of sci-fi, video game and pop culture name references - you can even name your character KalEl, AKA Superman, and Codsworth will call you by name.

Matrix characters Neo, Morpheus and Trinity are accounted for, as is Corvo from Dishonored, which is a Bethesda game. The X-Files' Mulder and Scully are in there as is Katniss from The Hunger Games, and there are nods to Mad Max with Rockatansky and Toecutter.

Jurassic Park's ill-fated Muldoon ("clever girl") gets a shout out, as do Buffy, Yorick, and Ripley - even Solo. Respect to Bethesda for its BBC sci-fi knowledge, for including Quatermass. Kurt Russell's character of Snake Plissken is also possible.

Brilliantly, the keyboard-mashing Asdf is also fine.

Finally, the expletives; yes you can make a character and have Codsworth call you Titties, Erectus or Bastard, Boob, F***, F***er or Assface.

A wide range of regular names are also included. Both Tom and Phillips are helpfully present, as is Wes (but not Wesley), Robert (but not Bertie) and Chris (but not Donlan).

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