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Warcraft movie reveals first still images and poster

UPDATE: Teaser footage released.

UPDATE 3/11/15 5.00pm Here's a quick glimpse at the trailer, due Friday. Behold, 15 seconds of Warcraft movie footage plus analysis from our Blizzard buff Chris Bratt:

"I'm trying my very best to remain skeptical about the idea of a Warcraft movie, but did you even see that first shot of Stormwind?! I've spent countless hours in that city, loitering outside the auction house, or duelling other players just outside the city gates.

"It's strange to feel such strong feelings towards the CGI version of a place I've only visited via my PC monitor, but I can't quite help it and anyway, it looks so much better than I expected it would. Oh gosh, what if this movie end up being half-decent? What then? Can video game movies be okay now?"

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ORIGINAL STORY 2/11/15 8.40pm The Warcraft movie, now called Warcraft: The Beginning, has released its first still images and poster.

Revealed in the latest issue of Empire, here's the poster for the recently subtitled film:

The following three scans were available from BuzzHubNews:

Warcraft: The Beginning's debut trailer will drop this Friday at BlizzCon.

The film is being directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) and will star Travis Fimmel as a warrior named Anduin Lothar who must protect humanity from an orc invasion led by Durotan (Toby Kebbell). It will be released on 3rd June, 2016.

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