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Steam Thanksgiving sale goes big on Star Wars

Maybe Leia couple of notes down or something.

What a lot of tempting deals there in Steam's 2015 Thanksgiving sale, the Exploration Sale. It's like having a bowl of cold roast potatoes in front of you at 11pm: you know you shouldn't but oh go on maybe just one.

Don't like EA DICE's new Star Wars Battlefront? Why not try Pandemic's old one, Battlefront 2? It's only £2.09. "Oh but the online servers were turned off!" you may say. Yes they were, but there are solutions: install GameRanger and search for games that way, or perform a risky file alteration if you're feeling brave.

There are loads of Star Wars deals. Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 are £2.09 each - just remember to install The Sith Lords Restored Content mod if you're going for Obsidian's rough diamond of a sequel - as are the action-packed Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.

Other eye-catchers include an 85 per cent discount on Wolfenstein: The New Order, now £5.24, and a half-price Witcher 3, now £25 (same as GOG). Cities: Skylines is half-price at £11.49, Ark almost half-price at £13.79, and Wes assures me £7.81 is good for Ultra Street Fighter 4 (but Cammy be trusted?).

Cheaper still are Civilization 5 for £5 (Civ 3 is only 74 pence!), Fallout 3 and New Vegas for a slither over £5 (each), and Titan Souls for £2.74.

Steam's Thanksgiving sale runs until 1st December (Tuesday), and unlike previous sales, won't offer flash or daily deals. The aim is to have prices that are consistent throughout.

How much money are you going to save by spending this time?

Jedi Academy multiplayer lives on!

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