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Huge 9GB patch paves the way for Bloodborne's expansion

UPDATE: Videos show off new content.

UPDATE 21/11/2015 2.40am: Some astute YouTubers have detailed the new content contained within this latest Bloodborne patch.

YouTuber Juutas1988 goes in depth with the new League covenant. He shows how you join it, what new gear you can get, and how it works. The gist is that a new NPC, Summon Master Valtr, appears at the entrance to the windmill in the Forbidden Forest. He'll ask you to kill vile souls who will reward you with centipede-like parasites called "vermin" that he collects. The League will no doubt play a larger role in The Old Hunters expansion due next week. Here's more detail on how to access the DLC.

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Meanwhile, YouTuber Fextralife explains how to acquire the new spell, Madaras Whistle, which summons a snake head to chomp on wherever you were standing a second ago.

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ORIGINAL STORY 20/11/2015 9.42am:Bloodborne is getting its first - and only - expansion next week in the shape of The Old Hunters, a downloadable add-on for From Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive that promises around eight hours of new adventures in Yharnam, and Sony has just updated the base game in preparation.

The Old Hunters releases on 24th November, and the patch that prepares Bloodborne for the expansion has just gone live - and weighs in at a whopping 9.376GB. It does more than just lay the foundations, though, with several important changes made for all players, not just those who purchase The Old Hunters.

According to patch notes - handily translated on Reddit - there's an all-new Covenant called The League that players can join, as well as several new NPCs dotted around Yharnam that assist in co-op play. Elsewhere the Chalice Dungeons see some tweaks, while there have also been minor changes to matchmaking.

The Old Hunters rolls what was originally planned as two expansions into one, and features three new areas as well as 10 new weapons. We had a brief go in Tokyo back in September - and we'll have a final verdict for you this coming Monday.

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Our equally hefty Bloodborne: The Old Hunters guide is up on the site now if you need it.

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