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There's a new Mass Effect Andromeda teaser trailer and it's voiced by Shepard

NASA bit of a surprise.

UPDATE 2.45pm: BioWare Montreal boss Yanick Roy has now confirmed to Eurogamer that Shepard's unexpected appearance in today's trailer is just the Commander signing off - plans have not changed regarding the character's lack of involvement in Mass Effect's future.

ORIGINAL STORY 1.30pm: Mass Effect Andromeda's new teaser trailer includes, rather surprisingly, a voice over from Commander Shepard.

Andromeda will star an as-yet unrevealed human protagonist, who again can be either male or female.

It's an odd thing for Mass Effect maker BioWare to do because it has so far made clear that Andromeda, due autumn 2016, will move the franchise on past its Shepard-focused era.

The Commander's story is over, BioWare has said. Andromeda will be set some time after the original Mass Effect trilogy of games and in a completely different galaxy.

So it is strange to see BioWare rope in the vocal talents of Jennifer Hale as the female Commander Shepard once again.

The teaser, released online this morning to celebrate the franchise's annual 7th November "N7 day" celebrations is expected to be the only new slice of information due today.

The fact that the teaser is designed specifically for fans may be the reason why Shepard - and indeed the fan-favourite "FemShep" version - was brought back for a final send-off. It's highly unlikely that the Commander's return means anything more at this point.

So, onto the teaser itself, which is almost entirely live-action. The video recounts the history of human spaceflight using a generous helping of NASA footage before Shepard proclaims that humanity's future now lies with the viewer.

"Know that wherever you go," Hale says, the camera panning from the Milky Way galaxy to Andromeda out in front, "we will be with you".

There's little new information to be gleaned, although we get a clear view at one of the ships headed to Andromeda at the end. Is this the new player's ship? It seems to big and bulky. An ark ship then, sent out by humanity into its neighbouring galaxy?

BioWare and EA have been keeping Mass Effect Andromeda details close to their chests over the last few years - but leaks and a few subtle clues are now starting to build up a clearer picture. Watch the teaser below and then catch up with everything we know about Mass Effect Andromeda.

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